Twig is an independent spa consultancy engaged in the concept and creation of unforgettable spas at the luxury end of the international hotel and resort market. Our collaborative work ethic successfully balances the long term goals of the owner, the brand cohesiveness of the operator and the vision of the designers to deliver results: spas that are commercially viable and operationally functional without compromising on beauty.



Our goal is to make your guests feel something, whether in a spa, gym or salon. Memorable places are those filled with atmosphere, drama and surprise. We create strong concepts uniting corporate identity, design and operations to ensure an inspiring communication of your brand to your guests.



We develop spa experiences that are always functional but never boring. We believe you can make a break from the commonplace and will encourage your team to create something different. It is possible to keep the functionality while raising the bar on the experience.



Where you are matters and we believe you should build upon the strength of of your location. Whether in the desert, on the beach or in the heart of a city – every place has qualities that can be celebrated and a culture that can be shared in the design and services offered. Authenticity never goes out of style.