The Yas Hotel was designed by Asymptote Architecture to become an important landmark for Abu Dhabi. Straddling a Formula 1 race circuit, the design was inspired by the aesthetics and forms associated with speed and movement and the geometries reflected in Islamic artistry.

Our primary goal was to support the strong design theme while ensuring that the warm and emotive design characteristics essential to a great spa experience were not lost in a futuristic, cerebral design environment. Working with the interior designers, Richardson Sadeki, steel columns were wrapped in wood veneer and fabrics and materials were softened and warmed up to imbue a residential quality to the spa.

Where we did take full advantage of the futuristic motif of the hotel was in the relaxation lounge connected to the hammam. Wall to wall pillows and cushions fill the inside of a massive white marble column. Above, thousands of fiber-optic threads spill down light from what seems to be infinity thanks to the mirrored 30’ ceiling. They fall to a height where guests can play with them while relaxing. It’s an enchanting and memorable experience.


Architecture: Asymptote
Interiors: Richardson Sadeki
ESPA Consultant: Laura Boss