The Loch Lomond Golf Club is one of the most prestigious private international clubs in the world. The golf course is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best, but in the winter time activities are limited. As an offering to membership, a contemporary spa was built within the historic walled garden on the grounds of the Club’s Georgian manor house, originally constructed in 1773.

The challenge given to ESPA was to create a modern spa concept that expanded upon the ambience of the Club without conflicting with the traditional existing facilities. Working with Vallone Design we achieved this through attention to the details that would support the key values of the Club: sanctuary; sociability; tradition; a refined aesthetic and impeccable quality.

Contemporary interpretations of vaulted ceilings together with stone paving, oiled wood finishes, distinctive leather lockers and sleek fireplaces, appropriate for a building added to the estate in the 21st Century, conspire to create a warming and cloistered ambience that is completely in harmony with the existing Club and its membership’s expectations.


Architecture: WCP Architects
Interiors: Vallone Design
ESPA Consultant: Laura Boss