Clients may engage our Concept, Design and Pre-Opening Technical Services individually or as an integrated package.

Concept Design

Setting the stage for a unique spa vision
  • Identify project objectives encapsulating owner and operator expectations
  • Initial analysis of site, competition, market opportunities and project feasibility
  • Preliminary financial projections
  • Design brief defining special features and unique selling points
  • Area program
  • Bubble diagram of adjacencies and operational flow
  • Coordinate with architects to lock in a layout

Design Development and Construction

Ensuring that the design and brand integrity are understood and carried through by the entire project team to guarantee continuity of the spa vision
  • Spa design standards setting out the performance criteria and operational requirements of the spa to include: Mechanical, electrical and plumbing, lighting, heat experiences & pools, HVAC, FF&E, signage, music, IT, retail, security
  • Drawing and specification reviews
  • Artwork review
  • VE recommendations
  • Equipment list
  • OS&E list
  • Supplier recommendations
  • Accessories selection

Pre-Opening Technical Services

Identifying final details on-site that may require further action prior to or after opening
  • Spa walk-through and facility review
  • Review FF&E and equipment installation
  • Prepare spa punch list
  • Conduct service trials

Pre-Opening Operational Services

Through our long established partnerships and trusted network of affiliates, Twig can connect you directly to qualified providers of Pre-Opening Operational support to meet your individual needs
  • Wellness, fitness and membership program development
  • Food & beverage concept
  • Treatment concept, development & menus
  • Financial pro forma and marketing plan
  • ID and logo
  • Marketing materials
  • Website
  • Human resources
  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Job descriptions
  • Standard operational procedures
  • Product selection
  • Spa set up
  • Service trials

Other Services offered by Twig

  • Site Inspection and evaluation
  • Mystery shops